Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another one out the door

Unstolen bike #6 recently found a home with David out near Powell Butte (not the same David who got bike #3). He was the only applicant who followed all instructions, so he "won" by default. Thanks again to Xanx for the garage-sale find.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Unstealing again

Was your bike stolen? Was it your main way of getting around? If so, you could have this one for free; stand by for details.

"Unstolen" bike #6 is a mountain-style Giant Rincon from about 1991, a decent commuter with a (mostly) chromoly steel frame, alloy wheels, click shifting (Shimano 200GS), etc. The frame size is 17", the standover height is just under 30", and the top tube length is 21.5". It should fit people of medium height. It's an ideal transportation bike with some superficial ugliness to repel thieves, but with all systems now working very well.

Here's how to qualify for it: Send me an email by June 15 telling how you used your bike and how you've gotten by since it was stolen. Tell me your height and your leg inseam length, so I can tell whether the bike will fit you. (If it won't, I'll put you in the running for the next "unstolen" bike that will.)

Shortly after the deadline, I will send an email to everyone who qualified, telling where the bike is parked (within Portland city limits) and what the lock's combination is. First finder is the keeper.

Props and good karma aplenty to Xanx for finding this at a garage sale, driving a hard bargain, and laying out $10 of his own hard-earned money.