Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Unstolen bike #7

Tonight I delivered the seventh bike of my Unstolen bikes project to A.J. in downtown Portland, whose bike—his only transportation—was stolen just a week after he hit town from Idaho. Number 7 is mostly a Schwinn Impact (decent older mountain bike) contributed by cyclist and illustrator Karl Edwards, who is pretty new to town himself.
I've abandoned my original idea of locking a bike and distributing the lock combo to everyone who "qualified." (People just weren't applying, probably due to scam-wariness.) Instead, with this bike, I looked over the stolen-bike listings on bikeportland.org until I found what seemed an appropriate match.
Meanwhile, bike #8 needs some work but will be ready soon. It's an early 1990s Giant Iguana with a frame size of 16 inches, suitable for a small-to-medium person. It needs a front wheel (mountain-bike 26" size), pedals (9/16") and brakes (cantilever or V).


Hatty said...

i must commend you on your unstolen bike program. 'tis very smart, sir. well done.

Dave said...

I have a front wheel from a Giant Mountain Bike. I gave the bike to my son who "locked" it with the front wheel. So someone stole everything but the front wheel. Can you use it? It's free and in excellent shape. (round)

Dave Cary