Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Un-stealing bikes: the Karma's Crank project

Sure are a lot of bikes getting stolen in this town. Sure would be nice to pump a few bikes in to replace the ones being sucked out from under people who need them.

A while back I got a couple armfuls of bike stuff from the Clown House when Dingo the Clown was forced to liquidate the Boneyard. I've used some of it for projects and profiteering, but I've pledged the rest for what Dingo intended; Getting bikes to people who need them for transpo.

What if I built up a good but ugly bike and combo-locked it somewhere, then told people who need a free bike where to find it? (First finder is the keeper.) What if they used it as long as they needed to, then passed it on to someone else in need? Meanwhile, maybe I could build and release more such bikes.

To start this off, I need a little help.

The first Karma's Crank bike will be a mountain bike set up for the street. I'm still short a few parts, though. I need:
  • brake levers
  • pedals
  • 26.4 seatpost
  • a 1 1/8" fork that has a threaded steer tube of about 6 3/4"
  • fenders would be nice, too
Ideal parts would be mechanically sound but ordinary or obsolete, and scratched up or otherwise uglified so thieves won't bother. I'm talking stuff that you might not even bother taking to a swap meet. If you can donate any of the above—or if you have other such parts you want to get rid of—let me know and I'll pick them up.

If your bike got ripped off and you desperately need transpo, email me and tell me your story. Don't bother BSing, 'cause 1) the bike won't be any prize pig, and 2)I work as an editor, so I know crap when I hear it. Tell me how tall you are so I can make sure you'll fit. When I'm ready, i'll post the bike's location here and then email the lock combo to everyone who qualified.


NeRf said...

if you can't find anyone to donate those parts try the recyclery, they have a boneyard on the side with tons of everything for really cheap: like a buck.

gwadzilla said...

washington dc here...
I have been trying to get rid of a varitey of bikes
gave a few old school messengers some bikes
the sad thing...
I see these guys on the same old beaters instead of the bikes I gave them
the bikes were incomplete...
perhaps I should have made sure that the bikes were ready to roll the day I passed them off
I just wanted the stuff out of my basement
out with the old
in with the new
riding 29ers for mountainbikes now
so it is hard for me to commute on a 26er
too small for recently realized size